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Visitation Center

The Strafford County Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center was established in 2014 to provide visitation and exchange services to divorced, separated and other parents who are not living together. The families we serve have been affected by domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, child abuse and/or stalking. Consequently, the Visitation Center and its services have been structured in such a way so as to maximize everyone’s safety. Fully supervised visits are one of the two services we offer is fully supervised on-site visitation. During these visits, children visit with their non-residential parent for an hour or two at the Visitation Center. The entire visit, from arrival to departure, is fully supervised by a Strafford County Deputy Sheriff. The other service we offer is the monitored exchange. Similar to fully-supervised visitation, the arrival and departure of parents and children is monitored by a Deputy Sheriff.